Tour done!

Thanks to everyone who came out to shows and helped us out on this short tour. We played some awesome spaces and were psyched to make some new buddies. Great time. I think we won $5 via scratch offs and went to Waffle House three times, too. What more can you ask for, really.

We have some of the Marla Hooch shirts left that will go up on our bandcamp tonight or tomorrow.

See yas at Fest!


So basically every band we wanted to see is playing and we can just drink margaritas all day? Cool. #thefest #fest13 #fesy #chumped

Playing this great lineup at Fest this year!


So basically every band we wanted to see is playing and we can just drink margaritas all day? Cool. #thefest #fest13 #fesy #chumped

Playing this great lineup at Fest this year!

Flyer by the awesome Evan Wolff!


Flyer by the awesome Evan Wolff!

(Source: evanthewolff)

Tour starts tomorrow!

Hey everyone. We leave tomorrow for a short tour. If you’re on the east coast or in the mid-west, check out our shows! Looking forward to seeing folks soon! 

Things You Can Do For Ferguson:


  • Donate money to have those arrested in Ferguson released on bail. These people belong on the streets, especially at a time like this.
  • Send a note of condolence to the family of Michael Brown. Let’s not forget the tragedy that started this.
  • Donate to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. This is an official fundraiser run by the Brown family’s lawyers. They are going through so much, lets make sure at the very least it isn’t a financial burden.
  • Help get people on the ground. There are activists and reporters who want to do their part and get to Ferguson. Donate and get them there. I am so far aware of Zellie ImaniZak Jemmott, and JR Valrey(a reporter for SF Bay View).
  • Donate to the Ferguson Youth Initiative.The children of this community deserve better than to be gunned down. Make sure they get that in the future.
  • Feed the children of Ferguson. Many children in America rely on school to get their meals and thanks to the civil unrest caused by the police, the children of Ferguson have been without school since Monday. These people want to make sure that doesn’t mean anyone is going hungry.
  • Donate to the protestors. There is not much oversight here as it is just a personal email address you’re sending funds too here but it appears to be legitimate and there are certainly people on the ground who could use the help.
  • Donate to the businesses of Ferguson. Small business owners in the community are struggling as people are either protesting or trying to stay off the streets. Don’t let the police brutality going on ravage this community long term.
  • Plan a protest or action in your own community. Look around, see if one has been scheduled. If not, consider starting one. If you do I recommend following these tips.
  • Keep awareness up. Not just among the like-minded people on tumblr, this is something everyone needs to be aware of.
  • Spread accurate information. There is a lot of distortion going on here and spreading every piece of information as it is reported only makes that worse. First and foremost make sure you are listening carefully, then share what is important and relevant.

Earlier this year we had a tshirt featuring a photo of the Freedom Riders bus fire - as a way to think a lot about the current trends of activism, how it is somehow acceptable to just tweet or post on facebook or not put more of yourself on the line for people you don’t personally know (among other things). What’s currently happening in Ferguson is just one example of ongoing racism and police violence in the US. Above are some things you can do.

Here is also a list of things for white people specifically to do right now.

Please post more. Get involved. Do what you can.


Here’s more information about the shows on our upcoming tour. Not listed are every opportunity to go swimming and/or eat donuts. Only you can help us fill in those blanks! 

9/1 - Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Dark Thoughts and Twin Pines

9/2 - Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio w/ Arm Candy, Chandeli’ers and Mal Blum

9/3 - Easthampton, MA @ The Flywheel w/ California X and Dessert First

9/4 - Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Dan Webb and the Spiders, Fucko, Notches

9/5 - Dryden, NY @ TC3 w/ The RealBads, grafted, I am and Pilgrims

9/6 - Cleveland, OH @ Guide to Kulchur w/ iji, Marvelous Good Fortune

9/7 - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Private Parts and Cheapshow

9/8 - Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Genders, Treasurer

9/9 - Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups